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3J Fuel Carriers provides logistics for all your fuel transportation needs and delivers bulk carrier value throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Missouri. Our professional employees focus on safety and performance.

Although we aren’t the largest provider of fuel transportation, we bring our relationships and customer service skills to our clients. We are the wheels on the road and work with closely with fuel brokers to deliver their fuel and oil loads. Our customers demand the solid, long-standing performance record and responsible every day of the year. Timely response, attention to detail and integrity are always the foundation of our business.

A family owned business since 1968, 3J Fuel Carriers was started by Joyce, Jim, and Judy. Today, John Jacobsen owns the company as part of APlus Logistics Inc. 3J Fuel has strived on personalized customer service, while embracing technology and employing the most professional staff. We operate the latest model equipment for our customers.

US DOT # 1023146

Meet the Team

John Jacobsen

John Jacobsen, Owner

Travis Cisneros
Emporia Office Manager

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